blog news 2 Comments 3rd July, 2012

Guys, I usually hate doing these kinds of posts, but I’m doing one now, just because you the readers deserve to know what’s going on. I’ve been given more responsibility at work the last two months while the department manager was out on medical leave (I work in a grocery store produce department), so I was one of two acting managers for the department. But now she’s back and there’s more to do than ever, especially this week with the fourth. Also add in the fact that today is day five of giving up soda, so my caffeine intake is drastically reduced. It’s been leaving me so tired that I’ve been able to do very little reading for the last week or so, except for some manga. Manga is definitely not hard to read, even when you’re tired. I know I was supposed to have a couple posts up the last few days, and I apologize profusely for failing in that. Reviews for those books will still go up. I’m just sorry that they’ll be late.

Since this week is going to be such a busy week, I’m going to not worry about blogging this week. But I will be back on Sunday first thing and hopefully can get into the swing of things again.

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  1. Sue Bursztynski

    Chelsey, some weird things have been going in the last few hours. Your blog went missing as did your Twotter handle. Not. Sure why, but glad it’s back.

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