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what's next 13 Comments 31st May, 2012

This is a new weekly feature from Icey Books, where we list 3-5 books we’ve been wanting to read, but can’t decide on. Then you guys vote on which book looks most interesting, and I’ll end up reading whichever book has the most votes. I think this’ll be great, because I know lately I’ve had some trouble deciding to what to read with so many books to choose from. On to the choices! I will almost always just post three.

Have you read any of these yet? Let me know with your vote which you think I should read next week!

To link up your own post, or to see what others have put up for voting you can go to the first week’s link up here!

13 Responses to “What’s Next…”

  1. Kristin

    I would say Grave Mercy, I have heard good things about it but, I also heard it is over 500 pages lol

    My What’s Next: youngadultbookhaven.blogspot.com

    your newest follower,

  2. Ash

    I vote for Bitterblue, I read that one earlier this month and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. I thought Graceling was amazing when I read, Fire was even better, and Bitterblue was quite possibly the best. :]

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