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Yes everyone, I’m going on vacation this weekend. I leave Thursday for Portland, Oregon, and come back Tuesday night. However, I don’t have anything scheduled so there will more than likely be no posts while I’m gone. I had planned and trying to post a little, but then I dropped my laptop and the screen is completely screwed up. Since it’s still new it should be under warranty, which I’m calling about tomorrow. But I won’t be taking my laptop with me anymore! 🙁 Also, because of this huge hassle I won’t be posting anything else before I leave in two days, so I shall see you all next Wednesday!

And for something to look forward to when I get back, keep these in mind!

  • Melanie Card, author of Ward Against Death will be stopping by with a guest post on Sunday, August 7th!  24 hour ebook giveaway included!
  • Shea Berkley, author of The Marked Son will be stopping by with a guest post as well, on Thursday August 11th! Also with a 24 hour ebook giveaway
  • Review of Pam Allyn’s Your Child’s Writing Life: How to Inspire Confidence, Creativity, and Skill at Every Age on Sunday, August 14

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