Follow Friday (15) and Book Blogger Hop (13)

book blogger hop, follow friday 21 Comments 20th May, 2011

Follow my book blog Friday is a weekly meme where you go around and meet other bloggers and follow each other, hosted by Parajunkee’s View. This weeks question is:

Q. It’s circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them…

1. I like to chew on soda caps. I don’t remember when or why it started, but it’s something I do now. Probably isn’t very god for my teeth though.
2. I saw Avatar in theaters 9 times. Would have gone for a tenth time if my theater had done the rerelease in August, but no go.
3. I love all things Jane Austen. Emma and Pride and Prejudice are tied for my favorites.
4. I set up my workstation at work the exact same way every single day. I’m kind’ve OCD about it.
5. I’ve given up McDonalds and candy for the rest of May and June, and hopefully after that long without I’ll have just completely forgot about them and won’t have to actively avoid them.

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy for Books, a way to find new bloggers and friends, get to know each other. This week’s question is:

Q: If you were given the chance to spend one day in a fictional world (from a book), which book would it be from and what would that place be?

That is a tough question. There are so many different worlds to choose from. I’d probably say either Jacqueline Carey’s world in the first Kushiel trilogy (Dart, Chosen, Avatar) Terre D’Ange, or Anne Bishop’s Dark Jewel’s world with the three realms (Light, Shadow, Hell), probably the Shadow Realm. Although I’d probably also choose Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris world, another favorite of mine. I’d love to meet Elantrians and see the magic they perform in person. There are way too many choices. What would be even better is if you could just take a vacation and visit all those places in one big tour where you could take your time exploring each destination.

21 Responses to “Follow Friday (15) and Book Blogger Hop (13)”

  1. gabrielreads

    New follower from the Hop!

    I’m not familiar with any of the books you’re referring to which means that I’m probably missing out on something. I chose Diagon Alley from Harry Potter and I’m seeing a lot of Harry Potter destinations on other blogs. It’s great to see something new and different!

    I also am a huge fan of Jane Austen. I can’t understand people who don’t find her books to be incredible.

    Glad to find your blog!

  2. Shirley

    I’m not familiar with the lands you are referring to either, sadly. I never thought of Diagon Alley nor the land from Avatar, which is succintly beautiful. I chose Narnia from Chronicles of Narnia. Come see why at My Bookshelf.

  3. Judith Leger

    Hi Chelsey! Good for you about giving up the candy and sodas! Pls send me some of your will power! Happy FF and Blog hop! Just skipping through. Hope you have a fab weekend!

  4. Loren Chase

    I am completely with you on loving Jane Austen! Emma and Pride and Prejudice are my favorites as well! And I LOVE the Kushiel Trilogy. I still haven’t finished the third book yet but I’m working on it! I love your tour idea! Happy Friday!

    My FF

  5. Ren

    Happy Hop Day!
    Avatar is awesome. I whined about wanting to be a blue Na’vi for several weeks after lol.

  6. Conor

    Just hopped to your site. You have great reviews and giveaways. Sorry I missed the Magnolia League giveaway. I will keep up!

  7. Susan

    Good for you for giving up McDonald’s and candy. McD’s isn’t much of a problem for me, but chocolate sure is. I don’t think I could give it up for a week, let alone two months!

    I’ve been by before, but I’m glad to have re-discovered you via the Hop!

  8. Katie

    just hopping by (:
    I gave up mcdonalds for lent last year and I never think about it! I’ve had it like twice this year. You can do it (:
    Also I haven’t read any of the series you mentioned but they sound interesting. They are going on my never-ending TBR pile! (: Have a great weekend!

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