The Second Harper Readathon!

Harper Imprint Challenge, readathon 3 Comments 29th January, 2012

I was reminded today that I had this planned for tomorrow, so here it is. The readathon starts at 9am, wherever you are, and ends Monday at 9am. And you do not have to be participating in the overall reading challenge for the month to read in the readathon! The only rule is of course to read YA Harper books from their YA imprints.

I’m not using a linky for link up this time, if you decide to participate and make a post about it, just comment with link!

For me, my only goal is to read Masque of the Red Death. And if I finish that I’ll move on to The Selection.

So get your books ready and get plenty of sleep! Tomorrow will be a fun reading day. 🙂

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