Review: The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver

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The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver
Published by HarperCollins on October 2, 2012
Pages: 246
Format: Hardcover
Source: Author

Evocative of Alice in Wonderland, this novel from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver is a bewitching story about the reaches of loyalty and the enduring power of hope. Perfect for fans of the author’s other middle grade novels: Liesl & Po and the Curiosity House series.
Looking across the breakfast table one morning, twelve-year-old Liza feels dread wash over her. Although her younger brother, Patrick, appears the same, Liza knows that he is actually quite different. She is certain that the spindlers—evil, spiderlike beings—came during the night and stole his soul. And Liza is also certain that she is the only one who can rescue him.
Armed with little more than her wits and a huge talking rat for a guide, Liza descends into the dark and ominous underground to save Patrick's soul. Her quest is far from easy: she must brave tree-snakes, the Court of Stones, and shape-shifting scawgs before facing her greatest challenge in the spindlers' lair, where more than just Patrick's soul is at stake.

I received this book from the author for free for an honest review.

my thoughts

While The Spindlers didn’t blow me away quite like Liesl & Po did, it did reaffirm my feeling that Lauren Oliver is strongest when writing middle grade. The worldbuilding is just fabulous, and she is an artist at creating images in your mind with her words.

The Spindlers starts off a little slow for me. I’d actually tried starting this last year but couldn’t get into it at the time, but once I read past the first chapter or so things started to pick up. Towards the end though started to feel a bit too much like the first Harry Potter book. But her overall journey to save her brother’s soul was very enjoyable. She meets many different kinds of creatures, but  good and bad, and makes new friends along the way.

I definitely recommend this for anyone that enjoys middle grade adventure books.

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    • Chelsey C.


      I’ve only read her Delirium trilogy for YA, and I didn’t love it like many readers did. I haven’t read any of her other YA. I loved Liesl & Po. Now that I’m getting back into blogging I’ll probably give her other YA books another try.

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