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blog news 10 Comments 8th April, 2011

So I took some pictures the other day of my bookcases, because I wanted to share with you all what I have. If you have any of your own posts about your bookcases, feel free to leave a link in the comments, I always love to see what other people have in their bookcases! On to the pictures.

This first set of pictures are of books I’ve already read.
The blue spine between Wings and Beauty is Ella Enchanted, I love that book so much.
The second bookcase has mostly books I haven’t read, but a few I have. Plus a cat!
Those books are half of this months reading pile, the other half are in that kindle sitting there.
The book that you can’t see the spine of is Shiver. These are all plan to read books.
These are more plan to read books.
The books to the left of Pegasus are plan to read. Everything to the right has been read.
I also have a big basket in my chair of unread books I’ll show you guys another time!

10 Responses to “My Bookcases!”

  1. Naj

    O.O You’ve got a lot of the great books to read on your shelves already. I’m jealous! All the debut’s as well. Great bookcases Chelsey!

  2. Chelsey @ Starry Sky Books

    Thanks Naj! I see all those new releases and debuts, and feel like I absolutely have to have them immediately, and end up spending much more than I should on books. ;D Can’t stop this addiction though, and wouldn’t want to.

  3. KM

    The WICKED LOVELY series is so good!!!! You should read it soon 🙂 I actually recently did a post about my TBR shelf and how it’s kinda taking over my life. haha You can read it here.

  4. Liz. R

    Wow! I’m jealous, you’ve got some many great books :P. I love seeing other people’s bookshelves, thanks for sharing. And I love Ella Enchanted too :).

  5. The Story Queen

    So many great books for you to read soon! Have fun with all of those 🙂 I LOVE Ella Enchanted! I was actually kind of stunned from reading it for the first time just because of how different it was from the movie. Then again, that’s pretty common in fairytales, don’t you think?

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