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in my mailbox 11 Comments 3rd July, 2011

Just two this week! I’m officially back on the book buying ban as of today, both my cats need dental work which is expensive. And they come before buying books, so yes. IMM will be a little spotty over the next couple of months probably, but I have ARC tour books I’ve signed up for, so they’ll still show up occasionally.

Bought: Abandon by Meg Cabot
Around the World ARC Tours: Sirensong by Jenna Black (loving it!)

And that’s all for me, what did you guys get? Let me know!

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  1. mfay2

    I don’t read the Genna Black series but the covers for those are so pretty. I didn’t get anything in the mail this week. The good thing is that I didn’t buy anything! Lol

  2. Liz. R

    I really liked Abandon, hope you enjoy it! And haven’t read Shadowspell yet but I love the cover of Sirensong! Happy reading :).

  3. Kristina

    It is so hard to stop buying books, but if you have a very limited budge than you can’t spend money on books. I too have been on a very limited book buying ban. I am only letting myself buy books that are part of my series (trying not to take on any new series) and if I am going to a signing of there I can buy all of there books 🙂

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