Harper YA Challenge Readathon Start Line!

Harper Imprint Challenge, readathon 2 Comments 15th January, 2012

All right everyone! You’re probably sleeping now, but if not, get started on your reading. At the time that this goes up, I will either be asleep in bed or reading Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris. Now remember, even if you’re not participating in the overall month long challenge, you can still participate in the readathon as long as the books are YA from HarperCollins!

I will update this post only once tomorrow with my midday progress at noon. Then I will do a separate wrap up post and announce when the second Harper readathon will be. Write it down so you’ll know! You can link up your update posts in the linky below:

Here’s what I plan on tackling:

Midday update:

currently reading: Possess
# of pages read: 109
# of books read: 0

So I think everyone forgot about this readathon, because it doesn’t look like anyone is participating? Oh well, I’ll be letting you guys know about another one tonight. I woke up about 8 and started reading about 9, but there have been a few distractions so I’m still working on my first book of the day! Realistically I’m hoping to finish 2. 3 would be nice though.

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  1. Anna

    Yeah sooo I totally didn’t know about this, but even if I did I wouldn’t have been able to do it because I had work 🙁 I’m so sad though! I’ll definitely try to do the one on the 29th! I love a good readathon 🙂

  2. Chelsey

    What a fantastic blog! And another Chelsey with a Y!

    I stumbled across your blog this morning and am now a new follower =). This stack of books looks absolutely amazing. I have wanted to read Sweet Venom and Possess for a while now! Looking forward to reading your review =).

    Chels and a Book

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