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Hi everyone! I don’t know if anyone still checks this place or not, I’ve been very bad at coming back to blogging. I keep intending to and then I don’t. Although admittedly this summer I got promoted to being a department manager at work which is much more stressful than just being a lowly minion. But now that I’m back in the swing of things and actually reading again I thought it was time. So in order to help motivate me to get back into blogging I’ve decided to do some work on my actual blog. This includes moving to WordPress yesterday. I’ve been thinking all this last year about doing it, but I’ve heard some people have had so many issues doing it so that kind of scared me. But thanks to Ashley at Nose Graze and her awesome guide I’ve made the switch. Now I’m going to be playing around with settings and getting things organized and up and running. And building up a backlog of reviews to get me started since I’ll still be reading while I’m doing all this.

I’m very excited about getting back into the blogging community and can’t wait to reconnect with people and meet tons of new people! It’s a bit scary though at the same time because I am an introvert. I have a hard time actually making connections, but I want to work on that. And to get started on that, here’s a new bloglovin link you can use to follow Starry Sky Books now that I’m on wordpress! I don’t think the old one will work anymore.

4 thoughts on “Change is coming! + New Bloglovin Link

    1. Chelsey C. Post author

      Thanks for letting me know. It looks fine to me though when I open it in explorer. Is your IE updated to the latest version?


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