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Harper YA Imprint Reading Challenge Wrap Up!

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I did much better this go around than I did last time! My goal was to read 5-8 books, and I read 7. You can see which ones here. How did everyone else do? Pretty well it seems since there were 62 reviews linked up throughout the month! Awesome job guys. To see those, go here. As I said in the wrap up post, if you guys do your own wrap up post on how you did this month I’ll do one last giveaway. So link to yours in the comments! All Harper giveaways, and my blogoversary giveaway will go… Read more »

The Second Harper Readathon!

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I was reminded today that I had this planned for tomorrow, so here it is. The readathon starts at 9am, wherever you are, and ends Monday at 9am. And you do not have to be participating in the overall reading challenge for the month to read in the readathon! The only rule is of course to read YA Harper books from their YA imprints. I’m not using a linky for link up this time, if you decide to participate and make a post about it, just comment with link! For me, my only goal is to read Masque of the… Read more »

Harper YA Challenge 24 Hour Giveaway

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Yes, this was supposed to be up yesterday. I had something scheduled yesterday that was unavoidable, and did not have time to get this post up. I only got home from this thing today, a couple hours ago. Sorry for the delay, but there was nothing I could do about it. Anyways lets get this started! Pay attention, because there will be TWO GIVEAWAYS in this post. One for INTERNATIONAL entrants, and one for US ONLY. Both are under the cut. PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT have to be participating in the reading challenge to enter the giveaways. These are… Read more »

Harper YA Challenge Readathon Wrap Up.

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Well, it seems as if everyone participating in the challenge forgot about the readathon being held today. I’ll be scheduling one more in then in the hopes that at least some can or will participate. It will be on Sunday, January 29th, and I’ll be sending out an email to everyone so that people know this time. Here’s my wrap up for the day:I only managed to start and finish one book today. Possess by Gretchen McNeil. I enjoyed it, so look out for the review this week.

Harper YA Challenge Readathon Start Line!

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All right everyone! You’re probably sleeping now, but if not, get started on your reading. At the time that this goes up, I will either be asleep in bed or reading Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris. Now remember, even if you’re not participating in the overall month long challenge, you can still participate in the readathon as long as the books are YA from HarperCollins! I will update this post only once tomorrow with my midday progress at noon. Then I will do a separate wrap up post and announce when the second Harper readathon will be. Write it down so… Read more »

Harper YA Challenge Readathon!

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Just a reminder, the readathon for the Harper YA Challenge is tomorrow! Starts @ 12am tonight and runs until 12am tomorrow night! And don’t worry, for those who can’t participate, I’ll be doing another one in the last week of January. This is the perfect opportunity to get caught up if you’re a tad bit behind, like me! Also, this readathon isn’t limited to just participants, anyone may participate! The only rule is that the books have to be YA Harper books!

Harper YA Reading Challenge Progress Post

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This is where I’ll be keeping track of which books I’ll be reading over the month. I have a total of around 20 or so books to choose from, but I wheedled it down to 10. These are the ones I’ll be trying for, though some of the others may pop up depending on my reading mood. I chose the medium level of 5-8 books! Here’s a picture of what I plan on tackling: ¬†Forbidden by Syrie James & Ryan M. James Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton Possess by Gretchen McNeil Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris Steel by… Read more »

Harper YA Reading Challenge in January: Sign Ups Still Open!

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Hey guys, just reminding everyone that this challenge STARTS IN A COUPLE OF HOURS! Sheesh, the end of the year sure got here quickly. Anyways, for all the details and stuff head over to THIS post. Just a heads up too, I have some legal issues going on right now, and I’ll find out where they’re heading on the 4th, so they may or may not affect my ability to host the challenge for the whole month. I did not know it would be coming up this soon. It has been dragging on since the end of August. Hopefully it… Read more »

Harper Imprint Challenge in January Intro & Sign Ups!

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I interrupt my own week long break to announce this challenge as soon as possible! Yes folks, it’s that time! I know I originally said November, but I’m trying something a little different, and there was a suggestion by Benji at The Non Reluctant Reader that holding this challenge in the new year might be better, since you guys might be using November and December to catch up on your other challenges. For those of you that have no idea what this challenge is, it’s pretty much a challenge to read as many books from the HarperCollins imprints that publish… Read more »