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Cover Reveal: The White Glove War by Katie Crouch & Grady Hendrix

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I enjoyed The Magnolia League for the most part, so I’ll definitely check out this sequel to see what happens. The cover matches the theme their going with, but I think I prefer the cover for The Magnolia League. What do you guys think? The White Glove War by Katie Crouch & Grady HendrixRelease date: July 3, 2012Series: Magnolia League #2 Summary from Goodreads:The members of Savannah’s Magnolia League have it all: money, beauty, power, and love. Some may call them lucky, but we know better. Spells, potions, and conjures are a girl’s best friends, and thanks to the Buzzards… Read more »

Cover Reveals: Until I Die by Amy Plum UK version, Timepiece by Myra McEntire

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Both of these are sequels to books I haven’t read yet, but I definitely hope to read them before these two are released! I have to say I’m loving the UK cover for Until I Die, even more so than the cover for Die for Me. Same with Timepiece, like this cover more than the one for Hourglass. What do you guys think? Until I Die by Amy PlumRelease Date: May 3, 2012Series: Revenants #2 Summary from Goodreads:Kate has chosen to leave the comfort and safety of her human world in order to join Vincent in the dangerous supernatural universe… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

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I haven’t read Anna Dressed in Blood yet, but I’ve been hearing awesome things about it so I hope to get to it soon. So here’s the cover to the sequel, Girl of Nightmares! Coming in 2012. There’s no synopsis yet, though I’m sure that will be released soon. What do you think about the cover? Like it more or less than Anna’s? I think they’re both very striking. They definitely stand out.

Cover Reveal: Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

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Oh my god! I’m so excited for this book. I loved Graceling, and absolutely adored Fire. I seriously want Bitterblue right now! How excited are you guys for it? I love the cover, it definitely goes along with the theme the other two had going. What do you think about it? Bitterblue by Kristin CashorePublisher: DialRelease date: May 1, 2012Series: The Seven Kingdoms #3 Summary from Goodreads:Book 3, tentatively titled Bitterblue and currently in progress, is a companion book to both Graceling and Fire and takes place in the seven kingdoms eight years after Graceling. Bitterblue will tie all three… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Waking Storms by Sarah Porter

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Lost Voices was definitely an interesting read, and my first for review through NetGalley. Since I read it back in January I’ll almost definitely reread it before reading the sequel. Here’s my review for Lost Voices. I love this cover, more than the cover for the first book. I love the idea of mermaids. What do you guys think? Do you like it? Are you looking forward to this sequel, or have you yet to read Lost Voices? Waking Storms by Sarah PorterPublisher: Houghton Mifflin HarcourtRelease date: July  2012Series: Lost Voices #2 Summary from Goodreads:After parting ways with her troubled… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Illuminate by Aimee Agresti

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I have to say I’m excited for this book. It sounds like it could be a fun read. What do you guys think? Also, I love the way the title is positioned on the cover. Have you heard of this book? Think you’ll read it? Illuminate by Aimee AgrestiPublisher: Houghton Mifflin HarcourtRelease date: March 6, 2012Series: A Gilded Wings Novel #1 Format: Hardcover, 544 pages Summary from Goodreads:Haven Terra is a brainy, shy high school outcast. But everything begins to change when she turns sixteen. Along with her best friend Dante and their quiet and brilliant classmate Lance, she is… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

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Insurgent by Veronica Roth Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books Release date: April 28, 2012 Holy cow you guys! I have to say I think I like this cover even more than Divergent’s cover. But they’re both awesome. I loved Divergent so much, so I seriously cannot wait for Insurgent! Need my Tris and Four fix! What do you guys think? Are you as stoked as I am for Insurgent?

Cover Reveal: Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder

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Oh my gosh, Maria V. Snyder has a new book coming out and I didn’t even know about it until I saw a WoW for it?!!??!?!? I absolutely adored both the Study and Glass series, which I’ll be rereading soon for the blog, so I’m incredibly excited by this new fantasy series from her. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Mira will make it available on NetGalley soon. Either way I’m pre-ordering this tonight. Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder Series: Healer #1Release date: December 20, 2011Publisher: Mira (Harlequin Imprint) Summary from Goodreads:Laying hands upon the injured and dying,… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

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Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen HouckSeries: The Tiger Saga #3Publisher: SplinterRelease date: November 1, 2011 Summary from Goodreads:The third book in the gripping Tiger’s Curse series! With the head-to-head battle against the villainous Lokesh behind her, Kelsey confronts a new heartbreak: in the wake of his traumatic experience, her beloved Ren no longer remembers who she is. As the trio continues their quest by challenging five cunning and duplicitous dragons, Ren and Kishan once more vie for her affections–leaving Kelsey more confused than ever. Fraught with danger, filled with magic, and packed with romance, Tiger’s Voyage brings Kelsey and her two… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins

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I think this is my favorite of all three covers, just because of the cat. I love cats. I still need to read Hex Hall and Demonglass, so hopefully I can do that before Spell Bound is released. What about you guys? Have you read this series yet? How does the cover compare to the others in your opinion? Spell Bound by Rachel HawkinsPublisher: HyperionRelease date: March 13, 2012Series: Hex Hall #3 Summary from Goodreads:Hailed as “impossible to put down,” the Hex Hall series has both critics and teens cheering. With a winning combination of romance, action, magic and humor,… Read more »