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The beginnings of a new blog.

I remember the book that ignited my love for reading. I used to hate spending my time on books, I wanted to do other things. Interestingly enough, I don’t remember what those things were. In fifth grade we had a specific time block set aside for reading. We could read whatever we wanted. One day my mom gave me Winter Rose by Patricia A. McKillip. I took it to school with me, and fell in love with it. After that I needed more. My next vivid memory in pursuing my love of books was when I was visiting Spokane for some reason or another, and stopped by a Barnes and Noble. I picked up Deerskin by Robin McKinley and fell in love again.

I still have my original copies of both books, well worn though they are. Deerskin is even laminated. They’re in a set of books that I make a point to reread at least once a year, more if I can’t stay interested in whatever I’m currently reading at the time.

Just this last week I’ve discovered many great book blogs, and they’ve inspired me to also share my love of reading with others. I love being able to talk about books I love with people who love them as well. So starts my blogging journey. I will primarily be sticking to fantasy books, as well as young adult books, and the occasional science fiction. Every now and then a book from a different genre may pop up in my reviews, if I’m enjoying said book immensely. I currently have eighty-one books in my possession in need of reading, and many, many more on my virtual to be read shelf.

To get this party going, I started Glimmerglass by Jenna Black this morning. Only a few chapters in, but I’m enjoying it already. Hopefully the review will be out tomorrow night, but it could possibly be Sunday night, as I’m working full time this week, including tomorrow and Saturday (holiday pay is so worth it).