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Mini Review: Legacy Lost (Of Poseidon #0.5) by Anna Banks

Legacy Lost by Anna Banks
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Release date: May 22, 2012
Source: Purchased
Series: Of Poseidon #0.5

He is a mer-prince, she is the mermaid princess that his family orders him to marry so that their kingdoms unite. Grom dreads this arrangement, until he meets Nalia — both beautiful and smart, she’s everything he ever wanted. But just when their connection grows deeper, tragedy strikes. Legacy Lost is a prequel story to Anna Banks’ debut novel, OF POSEIDON.


This is just a short quickie review. I’ve never actually been a huge fan of short stories/novellas, and don’t ask me why because I do not know. I’m slowly being won over to them though because they are a great way to give you information that doesn’t necessarily fit into the original story.
Throughout the entire time almost of reading Of Poseidon I’d wished for a little more information about the relationship between Grom and Nalia, what had happened before the explosion, and the aftermath. Not necessarily every single detail of course, but information than we’re given in the parent story. Legacy Lost did not disappoint me. I loved watching the dislike between them grow to like and respect.
Now what I want to know though is what reasons Nalia had for leaving after that explosion, and making everyone think she was dead. There’s one obvious reason that anyone who’s read this or Of Poseidon can think of, but I’d like to think there’s more to it than that. With the way Of Poseidon ended though, I know my questions will be answered in book two, Of Triton. Too bad we have to wait a year to read it.

Review: Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon #1) by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Release date: May 22, 2012
Source: Library
Series: Of Poseidon #1

I hadn’t really heard much about this book before I read it, nor had I sought out any reviews. I don’t think I’d even read the flap until I was a few chapters in, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with this book. I was pleasantly surprised, and I definitely enjoyed Of Poseidon.
I love mermaid stories, and I absolutely love it when I find one that does things a bit different than what you’re expecting. These mermaids can change into human form on their own, though they aren’t supposed to since contact with humans is forbidden. They can all sense each other to some degree, though there are a select few that can sense better than others. They’re divided into two kingdoms, one descended from Poseidon, and one from Triton. We all know who Poseidon is, but my knowledge of Triton is confined to Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I’ll be googling him here pretty soon just so I can a somewhat better grasp on the mythology of this book.
I loved all the characters in Of Poseidon, even Galen’s snarky sister Rayna. It takes a little while to warm up to Rayna though, but once you do you’ll love her. Toraf, Galen’s best friend and Rayna’s boyfriend/mate, was a fun character to follow. Everyone felt distinctly different from everyone else, their own personalities clearly developed. I felt like I was with these people, not just reading about them. I wasn’t really impressed by Galen’s older brother Grom though. I felt like he should’ve sided with Galen in the end because of them being family, but there were things unsaid on Galen’s side that did make it hard. I was hoping for more information on the Grom and Nalia storyline, but it wasn’t a focus in Of Poseidon. Their story is briefly covered in the short story prequel Legacy Lost.
I got this book from the library, but I will definitely be acquiring my own copy so that I can reread this while waiting for the next book. And let me warn you guys, there’s something big revealed at the end, and it’s a huge cliffhanger. When I got to that last chapter and I realized what was happening I was like “OH MY GOD YOU CANNOT END THIS BOOK HERE. NO NO NO NO NO!” Needless to say this a series I’ll be continuing. If you love mermaid stories, read it. Even if you don’t, give it a try. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve read.