Blog Tour Review: Glimmer by Vivi Anna

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Glimmer by Vivi Anna
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Release date: 2011
Source: Bewitching Book Tours
Rating: 4/5 stars – Really really liked it.
Cover comments: I love the cover. The colors, and the girl with wings. Definitely gives it a fae vibe.
Purchase: Amazon

Summary from Good Reads:
I posted the summary, along with the author’s bio yesterday. If you’d like to see them you can click here and it should open up in a new window.

My thoughts on Glimmer:
This was a fun fast paced story, with plenty of action and enough heat to make you blush. It grabbed me right at the beginning and refused to let go until the very end. I enjoyed this book very much. Nina is a kick-ass fae princess in denial of who she is, and this story beings the chronicle of her accepting who she is.

Now, fair warning, this is not a YA novel. Nina and Severin, the Alpha werewolf, have a hot, steamy encounter, so it is strongly suggested you be 18 years of age or older. It’s during this scene when Nina is forced to end her denial of what she is. It was moving along and and then we’re wrenched along in another direction. I for one felt unfulfilled because of this, but I’m sure that will be rectified in further installments. What I also loved was that it wasn’t until I was halfway through that the heated action appeared. In that regard, this story was a deviation from the normal romance formula of getting it on as soon as possible.

I’ll be very interested to learn the truth behind Nina’s mother’s motivations for leaving and staying away except for the rare visit, and for finally taking her father away, prompting Nina to find a way to Nightspell with Severin’s help. I’d also like to know more about the war between the fae and the werewolves, why they’re enemies, and what Nina’s part in the whole thing is.

The only thing I didn’t like was what happened in the very beginning. We’re given what is apparently a werewolf attack vicitim. The bait is dangled in front of us, but then thrown away once it’s served its purpose as the reason for Nina and Severin meeting. We don’t know who did it, or why it was done. Even if it wasn’t pertinant to the story as a whole, it would’ve been nice to have those small details.

Overall, definitely a great beginning to what will surely be an awesome paranomal series. I love anything to do with faeries, so I knew this would be right up my alley, and boy I definitely wasn’t wrong. I’m really looking forward to the next installment.

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